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We receive all types of inquiry’s about roofing problems in Camden Town, and our roofers are more than capable in dealing with them Quickly.

We understand that some of these roofing issues, especially if a roof is leaking, can be a big problem and costly.

Our roofing repair teams deal with all types roofing services in Camden Town, Each roofer in the team cover a wide range of services and can deal with most issues that crop up. Whether you need your chimney capped off or a single tile replaced, gutters fixed or a flat roof renewed. 

Leaking flat roofs and dripping gutters are common problems our roofers deal with every day in Camden Town. Other call outs in Camden include Blocked gutters and loose tiles or slates. If you have a roofing problem of any type, we can help. For instant and reliable roofing services in Camden Town, give us a call, our roofer can help with advice and costing today.

There are many types of flat roofs on the market, the most popular flat roofs in Camden Town are fiberglass roofs, closely followed by rubber flat roofs and Torch on felt. All our roofers are fully trained and insured.

Basic Tips on Keeping your Camden Roof and Home in tip-top condition 
  1. Your roof should be checked at least once a year by a reputable roofer. What to look out for? Slipped tiles or slates should be addressed as and when. A row of slipped tiles indicate broken or rotten battens.
  2. Chimneys are usually at the highest point of a home and any repairs should be tackled by a roofer. Chimneys take a right battering in the winter months, Have a Camden roofer Check chimney pots and damaged or cracked. Flaunching is the cement mortar that keeps your chimney pots in place. The Flaunching should not be broken or cracked, if the flaunching is cracked the chimney will leak or damp patches will be apparent.
  3. Guttering is one of the most important part of the home, the Gutters should be cleaned regularly by a competent roofer. Replace iron gutters with plastic.
  4. Roof sweating in cold weather? This indicates air flow problem, air vents need to be fitted.

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